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Staff and Organization


Senior Vice Chancellor 865-974-4204
Chris Cimino, Senior Vice Chancellor
Karen Valero, Administrative Specialist III
Associate Vice Chancellor 865-974-3061
Brian Browning, Associate Vice Chancellor
Sarah Hoel, Office & Space Manager for the Office of Campus Operations
Associate Vice Chancellor 865-974-4204
Kim McCullock, Associate Vice Chancellor
Tammy Wiggs, Administrative Specialist III
Budget & Finance 865-974-4204
James Price, Executive Director
Chasaty Smith, Administrative Specialist II
Perkins & University Student Loans 
Kevin Rushing, Bursar
Taina Cabage, Administrative Specialist II
Central Cashier’s Office 865-974-1382
Dayna Tampas, Central Cashier
Conferences & Non-Credit Programs 865-974-3181
Leanna Belew, Executive Director
Pam Quick, Administrative Specialist
Contracts 865-974-4204
Erin Young, Contract Manager
Tamara Boyer, Contract Specialist
Jenny Riley, Contract Specialist
Dining Services 865-974-4111
Mohamed Ali, Vol Dining Director
Environmental Health & Safety 865-974-5084
Sandra Prior, Director EHS
Kim Harmon, Administrative Support Assistant III
Emergency Management 865-974-3061
Brian Gard, Director
Event Services, Campus 865-974-9941
Kylea Boutwell, Manager
Facilities Services 865-974-2178
Mike Brady, Associate Vice Chancellor
Beth Atkins, Administrative Specialist
Fleet Management 865-974-2134
Cris Taylor, Director
Human Resources, Knoxville Area 865-974-6089
Mary Lucal, Associate Vice Chancellor
Shannon Bruce, Administrative Specialist III
Office of Information Technology  865-974-2333
Joel Reeves, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer
Michele Wilson, Administrative Specialist III
Mike Cash, Director – OIT Business Office
Brian Huskey, Associate CIO & Executive Director – OIT Systems
Jean Derco, Associate CIO & Executive Director – OIT Support jderco@utk.edu865-974-9670
Bob Hillhouse, Associate CIO & Chief Information Security Officer
Larry Jennings, Associate CIO
Steve Keys, Associate CIO & Executive Director – OIT Communications, 865-974-6648
Mark Savage, Deputy CIO & Executive Director – OIT Applications
Operational Services 865-974-3430
Bill Strickland, Director
Linda Phillips, Accounting Specialist I
Debra Keck, Manager – Records Management, 865-974-6328
Betty Smith, Manager – VolCard & Campus Vending, 865-974-3430
Parking & Transit Services 865-974-6031
Mark Hairr, Director
Michael Ragsdale, Assistant Director
Police Department 865-974-6631
Troy Lane, Chief of Police
Diana Collinsworth, Accounting Coordinator
Shared Services 865-974-4204
Samantha Drenner-Johnson, Director
Thompson-Boling Assembly Center & Arena 865-974-0953
Jason Pedone, Director
University Printing & Mail 865-974-4416
Tim Price, Director
Sandra Allen, Coordinator II
VolShop 865-974-3364
Carol Miller-Schaefer, Director
Deby Libby, Sr. Admin. Svcs. Assistant
Warehousing and Surplus Property 865-974-3120
Jeff Wattenbarger, Manager


Division of Finance & Administration

4th Floor Andy Holt Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0141
Phone: 865-974-4204 Fax: 865-974-8131